Dear our customers,

You might be facing these issues:

  • "We are looking for excellent consultants and engineers for an upcoming project."
  • "We want to build a small-scale web site at a low cost."

We might be able to provide solutions to you.

Why don't we simply say "We can do it"? That's because we also don't know we are the most suitable company for your request. If we know somebody who can do it better for you, we never hesitate to introduce them to you.

We don't discount our rate. Instead, we will offer you the best service ever. If you find the quality of work unsatisfactory, please let us know. We will refund the fees.

We are IT professionals and take pride in our ability to help your business.

Dear our customers,

My name is Eiji Sakai, the president of Softculture Inc. I will analyze my personality below. Please feel free to contact me for more information. ( )

  • Advantages: Analytical ability / Quick learner / Concentration / Honesty / Laziness / Language ability
  • Shortcomings: Short-tempered / Stubborn / Hubris / Mood swing / Laziness
  • Advantages

    Analytical ability
    I can take a look at things in a radical perspective. When I design the system, I ask myself "What kind of purpose does this functionality serve in the first place?". By doing it, I can build a more robust system.
    Quick learner
    I understand something new quickly. I can adapt new computer language and development environments.
    I can concentrate on work for long hours. I am patient and do not give up difficult tasks until getting them done.
    I am trying to be honest. I don't like wrong acts. I abide by laws. I don't want to hurt people.
    Why can laziness be an advantage? As Larry Wall, who is the author of a great computer language Perl, puts, in fact, laziness is a great virtue for programmers. Lazy people can't stand routines. Therefore, they always try to streamline work so that they can get work done at the minimum labor. As a result, this virtue can boost a productivity.
    Language skills
    I used to live in Canada for 4 years and can speak a fluent English. I have no trouble in conducting business in English. I can perform daily conversation in Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. Qualification: English (TOEIC 965)/ Chinese(HSK level 7) / Korean(Korean Proficiency Test level 5).


    When things don't go well, I can get angry easily. When I get upset, sometimes I take a hostile attitude toward my coworkers. Now I understand this is wrong. I thought about why. This is probably because I am too meticulous and perfectionist. These days I try to keep myself calm by thinking "Is this problem worth getting angry?".
    Sometimes I just stick to my own idea and fail to listen to what others telling me. There are many ways to build a system. I should have heard my coworkers' word more. Maybe that's because I was overconfident and believed that I would be the only one who could understand how to build the system. Now I try to be more flexible. Even when I believe somebody is saying or doing something wrong, I try to think over again to see if I am really correct in my judgement.
    I might have taken too much pride in skills. Technical skills are surely very important to engineers but they should be evaluated objectively. Even if you excel at a certain technology, it is totally useless if you can't take advantage of it to solve your customer's problem. In the past, I thought too much about technology but not solution to customers.
    Mood swing
    Sometimes I am not in mood to work. Reasons vary. Sometimes it's because of words of my boss or coworker. Sometimes I don't like a certain kind of technology. Work is a sacred contract between a customer and a supplier. I try my best to keep myself motivated in work. If I feel the work will not fit myself, I might decline the work itself beforehand.
    Laziness can be a good thing in order to avoid chores and boost productivity. But not always. It is sometimes better to just do it instead of creating a complicated tool. The important thing is being practical.